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Our Engineering Principles

These are the beliefs we hold when it comes to creating excellent software systems. Our experience has taught us the common themes of doing things right.

Rely on local talent.

We never outsource work. Our philosophy is that quality engineering is rare, and we only employ local talent.

Balance broad knowledge with focused skill.

Technology changes rapidly, we believe in balancing new with the old. It pays off to know many approaches and be willing to dive deep on the correct solution when you find it.

Don't reinvent the wheel.

Good engineers will tell you to simplify. Our belief is that 80% of technology doesn't need to be reinvented. We'll never tell you to build things that don't need building.

Always Iterate.

A good system starts simple. And then evolves over iteration. Stop trying to deliver the world all at once.

Automate Everything.

Automation is the precursor to scalability. Eliminate tedious work to make room for innovation.

Industry Experience

Projects and expertise in the following places.

Industry Experience

Automation & Scalability

Our engineering experience includes work in Automation and Manufacturing environments. If you run a business that relies on automation, then you know the importance of the speed and reliability of the technology behind your systems

Startup Foundations

When founders or entrepreneurs have great ideas, it takes a team and a significant knowledge of technology options to get through to an MVP. We can help you start with the best practices.

Cloud Systems and IT

Many companies that have been around for years have not found the time to modernize their IT infrastructure. Luckily, moving systems into cloud setups is our bread and butter, and often bring cost reductions.

Previous Clients and Projects

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